Watch Boxing: Slawa Spomer vs. Felice Moncelli 6/24/2023 Full Show Online Free

Watch Boxing: Salwa Spomer vs. Felice Moncelli 6/24/2023 – 24th June 2023 – (24/06/2023) Livestream and Full Show Online Free HD Replay

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Watch Boxing: Slawa Spomer vs. Felice Moncelli 6/24/2023 – June 24th 2023 – (24/06/2023) Live stream and Full Show Online Free HD Replay Dailymotion YouTube Videos Spomer vs. Moncelli 24 June 2023 Full Show. Don’t miss the action at 3/2 C.

  • Location of the game: Eisstadion, Heilbronn, Baden-Württember, Germany.
  • Date and Time: Saturday, June 24.12:00 PM ET

Slawa Spomer and Felice Moncelli will face each other on Saturday, June 24, in Eisstadion in Heilbronn, Germany. The much-hyped boxing event showcases Slawa Spomer, a local favorite and undefeated champion, defending his WBO ‘Global’ super welterweight title against Felice Moncelli from Italy. The fight will start at 3 pm Eastern Time (ET) or 12 pm Pacific Time (PT).

If you’re wondering how to watch Slawa Spomer vs. Felice Moncelli live in USA, UK or any European country, such as Germany, Italy, Spain, France, or Belgium etc, you’re at the right place! Read on to learn how you can watch the fight online in Europe!

Spomer vs. Moncelli fight card:-

  • Slawa Spomer vs. Felice Moncelli, 10 rounds, super welterweight – Spomer’s WBO ‘Global’ super welterweight title
  • Vincent Feigenbutz vs. Marcos Jesus Cornejo, 8 rounds, middleweight
  • Hamsat Shadalov vs. David Rajuili, 6 rounds, lightweight
  • Hugo Micallef vs. Michal Bulik, 6 rounds, super lightweight
  • Paul Wall vs. Sifeddine El Moussamih, 6 rounds, super welterweight



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